SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — January has brought cold weather and rain to Savannah, leaving many to wonder what they can do inside that will distract them from the currently dreary outdoors. Have no fear, here is a list of some crafts the whole family can enjoy from the comfort of home.

Circus Animal Cookie Pillows

This craft from the blog “Studio DIY!” requires minimal sewing knowledge. All you need is fabric, a hot glue gun, some pompoms, stuffing and a needle and thread. From there you can create a creature that will delight people of all ages.

Follow the link here for how to make your own funky little pillow.

Decorate your old glass jars

This craft from “The Spruce Crafts” is as simple as it is cute. It takes less than $10 and lets you liven up those glass jars that you keep hanging around the kitchen cupboards.

With help from the post (you can find it through the link here), you can learn how to paint glass in no time.

DIY Snow Globes

It hasn’t snowed in Savannah in several years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make something inspired by the wonders of winter. Or you can do what was done in this tutorial from PBS and make a beach-inspired “snow globe” instead.

The glass jars are back again with this project and it’s possible you already have everything you need for it right inside your home.

Paper Plate Snowmen

Do you have toddlers in the house? If so, this craft might be more up your alley.

From the blog “The Simple Parent” this cheap and simple craft requires only a few items and is something you and your kids will have a blast making. This customizable craft can be found through the link here.

Cotton Ball Penguins

The last craft on this list would be fun for a family with younger kids. All you need is a printer, some construction paper, cotton balls, googly eyes and glue. After that, you can go wild creating your very own penguin.

The blog “Mombrite” even provides a free printable to get you started which you can find by clicking or tapping the link here.