BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — Massive growth is on the way for Bryan and Bulloch County and preparing for it will be a tall task as the plant alone will bring thousands of jobs to our region.

“It is exciting because I’ve never seen  anything like anywhere close to this. Just not knowing what’s going to happen and where we’re going. It’s exciting, it’s a little scary.” 

Bulloch County commissioners are attempting to take a peek into the future as they prepare for exponential growth with the Bryan County Hyundai plant on the horizon. 

But first, Bulloch County needs to make sure its resources and public safety can support all that currently live in the county.

“We were trying to break down all of the needs that we have throughout the county as far as facilities, equipment, personnels to try and meet the needs of future growth as well as all of our current residents.”  

With the mega plant opening a couple years down the line, boosting its public safety personnel is a top priority, as well as evaluating and buying land with the potential of growth. 

“We’re trying to prepare for more housing. We think that there’s a strong possibility that people are going to want to move into that south eastern part of the county. So we are preparing for all different kinds of housing developments.”

It’s anticipated that the plant will bring close to 8,000 jobs to the area. But as for now, Bulloch County will have to expect the unexpected.

“We do also have several new industries that are going to be located in Bulloch County. And I think that number is close to 1400 for the industries that are located within the county. But we don’t even know what to expect from the Bryan County plant.”

Now these talks are in the very early stages there are still budget requests to be submitted – but the county wanted to get the ball rolling as they soon won’t be so rural.