Council approves funding for $3M community center in West Savannah

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – It’s a story News 3 has been following for months: what to do about a 23-year-old community center that’s crumbling?

What about building a new one?

That announcement came as a big surprise for people who live in Hudson Hill. Their community center was shut down last year because of major structural problems.

Now, those residents are getting a brand new facility built from the ground up.

People who live in Hudson Hill say the building is much more than just a building — it used to be the centerpiece of the community.

But due to the cracked foundation, neighbors had to find other places to congregate.

On Thursday, Savannah’s City Council voted to spend $3 million to build a new, state of the art community center.

“We’re talking about the cost of demolishing the existing building. Preparing the soil correctly, and, then building a facility that the residents of Hudson Hills can be proud of,” said District 1 Alderman Van Johnson.

“That was lovely, and to find out how much money we got now, it’s even lovelier,” laughed Jean Lemon, Hudson Hill resident.

The money will come from the city’s general fund, not SPLOST dollars. Leaders say it’s money left over from last year.

They are not planning to meet with the people of Hudson Hill to hear suggestions about the design and function of the new center.

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