Constitutional carry bill goes before South Carolina legislators

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There is a renewed push to change gun laws in South Carolina. 

The Constitutional Carry Act of 2019 would allow anyone who can lawfully purchase a gun to carry it in public places where permitted, and a concealed weapons permit would no longer be required. 

Supporters say this is a right that is protected by the 2nd Amendment. Currently, gun owners in South Carolina must first attend training through a certified state concealed weapon permit instructor. 

The bill also lays out some restrictions on where a firearm can be carried, openly or concealed. These include police stations, courthouses, polling places on Election Day, daycares or preschools. 

Operators of firearm businesses said they still recommend new gun owners sign up for a form of gun training and to familiarize themselves with the state’s gun laws. 

Bill opponents say they are worried about people carrying firearms without proper training, which would put others at risk. This bill, along with three other pieces of proposed gun legislation dealing with constitutional carry is currently in subcommittee. 

More than a dozen states allow permitless carry. 

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