SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV-TV) – Congregation Mickve Israel held its 33rd annual ‘Shalom Ya’ll Jewish Food Festival’ in Monterey Square Sunday morning.

The Jewish community tells me this is an experience that’s very important considering the conflict overseas. They said this festival brought people together.

News 3 asked members of the local synagogue and people showing support about the importance of this event.

Karen Blickstein, a member of the synagogue,  says she’s thankful for the massive turnout.

“It’s been a tough time for all of us who are Jewish,” Blickstein said. “Probably half or more of the people here today, I mean I don’t have a way of counting, but just from having sold tickets for a few hours…a lot of people are not a part of the Jewish community. It’’s so great to know that they support us.”

Keith Kriner traveled from Dublin, Georgia just to show his support for the Jewish community.

“I like it despite the conditions of the world,” Kriner said. “It shows that people can get together and enjoy one another’s company and food. The weather is pleasant today. We can be having a good time in the world. it doesn’t have to be spit and hate. But, it can be filled with love and compassion. “

This year, the congregation brought back their full menu of Jewish dishes. Potato latkes and stuffed cabbage from eastern Europe, noodle kugel, and blintz were just some of the dishes provided.

“It’s also a good release for us emotionally,” Blickstein. “It’s been a tough five to six weeks. It’s just nice to have something wonderful and fun and comforting because the food is so comforting.”