RINCON, Ga (WSAV)- Residents in Rincon are concerned for their safety– they say a nearby chemical plant is producing a rancid smell that has led to some residents getting sick.

News 3 talked with the residents about the ongoing situation.

Rincon citizens say the odor from the DRT American Chemical Plant comes and goes but when it is in the air, it is almost overpowering.

One resident had to temporarily pull her child out of school, which is near the plant due to not being able to bear the smell.

Another resident says it prevents them from even going outside.

Recently the Georgia Environmental Protection Division revealed that a gasket failure at DRT led to about 500 gallons of chemicals being spilled in the ground.

“They need to be held accountable, they can’t just come here and say they are going to fix things and not do anything,” a concerned Rincon resident said.

It is not known when the spill happened or how it affected air quality. Some say they have concerns due to recent health problems.

Some residents have even opted to simply leave the neighborhood rather than deal with the smell.

“Some people actually took their families and left,” said a concerned Rincon resident.

WSAV reached out to the company, which is called ‘DRT’, but they were not available for comment.