‘It’s significant in this community’: Vaccine clinic held at church in Hitch Village

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Coastal Care Partners is working to offer COVID-19 vaccines at local churches.

The effort started Wednesday with Second Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, where the health care group administered the Pfizer vaccine.

“We’ve got to really start breaking down some of the barriers, answer questions, and help people understand what we’re trying to do with the vaccine,” said Scott Pierce, Coastal Care Partners co-owner.

Pastor Ricardo Manuel says it’s also on local faith leaders to use their platform to get more people in the community vaccinated.

“You got to plant the seed,” said Manuel.

David Dukes says getting his first COVID-19 shot at the church he grew up going to made the process that much less intimidating.

He’s now halfway to full vaccination status, and he’s encouraging others to take the first step.

“You should just come over and get it because it’s better for you,” said Dukes, “it keeps the rest of your family safe, and it’ll probably encourage them to come get it as well.”

Second Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church sits right in the middle of the Hitch Village neighborhood.

Manuel says getting his whole congregation fully vaccinated seems like a real possibility when the shots are brought to them.

“Not only are we here for our church services,” said Manuel, “but Monday through Friday at 5:30 in the afternoon, we feed all the homeless population around here. So it’s significant in this community.”

The pastor has had a lot of difficult conversations about the importance of getting vaccinated, but he says he’ll have a million more if it means never having to hold another funeral for someone who died from COVID-19.

“You know, that’s a lot of pain that you go through when you have a member that dies of COVID,” said Manuel. “And that’s very painful, so I hope they’ll stop listening to the wrong people and listen to the experts.”

Coastal Care Partners hopes to expand the partnership with anyone else willing to hold a vaccine clinic.

There will be another opportunity to get vaccinated at the same location on June 9. Pierce says he’s also in talks with other faith leaders who hope to host clinics at their churches as well.

For more information about Coastal Care Partners and their COVID-19 vaccination efforts, visit here.

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