TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) — The City of Tybee Island has closed its beaches and pulled its lifeguards in preparation for Tropical Storm Nicole.

According to officials, beachgoers should avoid Tybee Island beaches — especially since there are no lifeguards on duty during the storm. If you see someone struggling to stay afloat in the water, the City asks that you dial 911.

Wednesday was a windy and chilly day on Tybee Beach. WSAV didn’t see many people on the beach and island officials said that was a good thing. They say the biggest concern with this storm is the effect it’s going to have on the water.

The assistant fire chief actually tells me this morning’s high tide already came all the way up to the crossover here and they say that’s what they’re going to be watching the next few days.

It’s a quiet day on Tybee Island. A few stragglers stroll the beach, the birds the only ones daring to go in the water. The island even took down its flags, preparing for high winds.

“I know my citizens and my visitors out here on Tybee, it’s always a very concerning any time there’s a tropical event and we want to make sure they’re pretty much prepared,” said Asst. Chief Jordan Johnson/Tybee Island Fire Department.”A lot of our people and citizens have been prepared with Ian coming through not long ago, preparations are probably still there as far as water and food and stuff.”

Chatham Emergency Management said the main threat for the island is coastal flooding during high tide and having to close roads. First responders are urging people to stay out of the water for the next few days, saying the conditions are just too dangerous.

For some visiting the island, that’s no problem on a windy brisk day.

“I didn’t bring any winter clothes because I didn’t think that you know it was going to be this cold,” said Tammy McCormick, a visitor from North Carolina.

As Nicole makes her way up the coast, she’s spoiling vacation plans for some Tybee visitors.

“We want to come back tomorrow but I don’t think we’re going to be able to come back tomorrow,”  McCormick said. “It’ll probably be Saturday before we come back down here. But I’m going to enjoy it while I can, even though it’s windy but it’s nice. I love it.” (0:13)

Others say they aren’t going to risk staying around for the storm.

“We’re not storm watchers generally,” Elizabeth and Mark told WSAV, visitors from South Carolina. “We’ve lived through, had a hurricane come right over on top of us on Long Island and that was scary enough. We brought the boogie boards but no using them this vacation.”

Right now emergency crews are really just advising people to stay home as the storm travels through our area, make sure you have enough supplies and their biggest message is to stay out of the water.