SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Those that call City Market home are concerned about an imposed curfew and what it means for business.

Change is coming to City Market – a new ownership group plans to close all businesses by midnight in an effort to make the destination more family-friendly and safer overall.

Several businesses within City Market have operation hours past midnight.

Mayor Van Johnson addressed the news in Tuesday’s press briefing — sharing the latest on what the city knows and could possibly do.

“We were blamed for everything…we have no role in this,” said Johnson. “This is a business decision. And you know we don’t have any role in this business decision. Although we have insisted to everyone to do all they can to keep people safe,” says Johnson.

It’s a move many believe is being done to curb violence after several shootings in recent years. 

“We also recognize that when we’ve had violent events they happen after midnight,” says Johnson. “I mean…that’s just a fact.”

Safety first — but on the other side — those nightlife businesses are now fearing for their future. 

“I think it’s going to hurt the nightlife definitely here,” Kayla Herren, store manager of the Georgia tasting room. “I get why they are moving more family friendly, but it is going to hinder the more popular places that everyone is known for. I think it’s going to hurt traffic in the long run,” says Herren.

Business owners say they don’t have many options if the curfew is imposed.

“I think probably hour adjustments and I think most people will probably end up moving out,” said Herren. “Because if you’re not making money there’s no point in sticking around when you could potentially make money in a different location.”

Another local business posted a photo on Facebook on temporary fencing with a “Courtyard Closed” sign.

“When they can’t make you close at midnight, they try to make it looked like you’re closed,” the Bar Bar wrote. “We are NOT! Don’t believe the hype, we’re in here pouring up, playing loud, and having a great time! See y’all down here from 4 pm-3am! Come support your local watering hole still going after 29 years!”

It will be some time before that midnight mandate takes place. WSAV News 3 will keep you updated when that happens.