‘Chicken Man’ gets speed limit lowered in Hilton Head neighborhood

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A man dressed in a chicken suit who’s been standing on the side of the road in Hilton Head for six months can finally rest.

This past April, Logan Cambron stood next to Point Comfort Road dressed in a chicken suit with his radar gun slowing speeders in his neighborhood.

“We’ve got over a dozen kids down this side of the neighborhood,” he told News 3 on April 24. “I’ll stand out here with the radar gun, and if somebody’s doing more than 3 to 4 miles an hour over the speed limit, I walk out in the road and make them slow down.”

While he was hoping to reduce the 30 mph speed to 20 mph, officials met him in middle at 25 mph.

“I got a bunch of texts and stuff telling me it happened, and I was stoked. A lot of hard work went into it, it’s been kind of rough,” Cambron said. “Not everybody agreed with my method, but they’ve got to agree with the results, hopefully.”

The chicken suit was inspired by his pet chicken who was hit and killed crossing the road.

“We have pet chickens and they like to go across the street to the neighbor’s house because the neighbor feeds them,” he explained, adding, “One would cross the street and she got hit and run by a truck.”

Now all of Cambron’s sweaty days spent in this suit are paying off, with new speed signs posted November 7.

“I was putting pressure on them, with all the reporters interviewing me and stuff like that, they knew they had to do something,” he said. “They actually made the decision to approve it a day or two after Charli Bobinchuck lost her life.”

Eleven-year-old Charli Bobnchuck was struck and killed by a car while walking her dog on Highway 278 in Hilton Head last June. 

“We’re trying to prevent that from happening. We don’t want to be reactive, we’re trying to be proactive,” Cambron said.

When asked if he’ll be retiring the chicken suit, he said: “Might bring it back out… we might not, we’ll see how everybody behaves.”

He added that the neighborhood has also requested speed humps to force drivers to slow down. Cambron says he will continue to monitor speeds and if drivers are complying with the new limits, they are going to push the town for the humps. 

“I’ve had a lot of support from the neighbors, so they’re all happy,” he said. “And I was just stoked that finally, something happened.”

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