Chatham County Commissioner Chester Ellis holds town hall meeting for District 8 residents

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Chatham County District 8 residents had their chance to have their concerns heard Wednesday night at a town hall forum.

Commissioner Chester Ellis held the meeting to discuss the Benton Boulevard Highlands Project along with the Jimmy Deloach Expansion.

Alderman Van Johnson along with Savannah City Manager Rob Hernandez were in attendance to address some of the projects and concerns but emergency response times seemed to be the hot topic of discussion. 

Many residents saying response times were not efficient enough or there aren’t enough dedicated emergency vehicles in the district compared to the county.

Commissioner Ellis tells News 3 city leadership is working to address these issues.

“We’re working on getting fire stations and EMS stations in this area. The area developed faster than anybody thought and so we are trying to catch up,” said Ellis.  

“What they[residents] were asking tonight is that if they could have EMS assigned to this area and what the EMS and Fire Director told the residents as they were on call as to where they needed them because they cover the whole county,” explained Ellis. 

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