Chatham Co. Police Department finds 76 percent of drivers speed through busy work zone

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)- Slow down! That is the message from Chatham County Police after a new survey found that 76 percent of all drivers are speeding through a construction zone on president street.

Drivers are reminded all the time by signs and men in bright yellow hard hats, but a new study finds it doesn’t seem to be working. 

“We realized we had an issue, we’ve gotten complaints from residents as well as the workers themselves about the speeding issues in that area,” said Captain Nick Ojanovac of the Chatham County Police Department. 

Using a smart sign, which records the speed of drivers, the survey found that 54, 356 eastbound vehicles passed through the President street work zone between March 18th and March 23rd.

Seventy-six percent of the drivers surveyed in that time period were speeding. While the average recorded speed was only 44 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour work zone,  some were going as fast as 95 miles per hour.

“Imagine if your loved one was a worker in that area or if you lived in one of those neighborhoods and on a daily basis you are confronted with basically hazardous driving every day,” said Ojanovac. 

In 2016 143 construction workers were killed by motor vehicles in road work zones according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.  

Ojanovac said these tragedies are preventable, primarily by drivers paying more attention. 

“If something happened to one of your family members or something happened to one of your friends that was just trying to get out of their neighborhood we need to slow down we need to make sure we are conscious of what we are doing in the work area and we are going to make an effort as a police department to make that happen,” said Ojanovac.

This week is National Work Zone Awareness Week.  Across the country, efforts are underway to educate people about driving safely in these construction areas.

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