Chatham Co. election board censures member for ‘harassing’ workers

Local News

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Chatham County Board of Elections has publicly censured Board Member Debbie Rauers for her misconduct during previous elections.

According to a resolution approved by the board on Wednesday, Rauers has been reprimanded for “harassing, intimidating and interfering” with a board employee conducting elections work in the general election in November 2019 and a poll worker in the general election three years prior.

The resolution details the 2016 incident, stating that Rauers interfered with a poll worker who allowed a mother to assist her disabled child to vote.

“Rauers later confronted and intimidated the poll worker about the incident at check-in,” the resolution states.

The Chatham County Human Resources Department is said to have investigated and sustained the allegations.

According to the resolution, the election board met in executive session, a private meeting, and reviewed the allegations with Rauers.

A censure doesn’t remove an elected official from office but formally and publicly expresses disapproval of an individual’s actions.

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