SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — To fill the open seat left by Pooler Councilman Thomas Hutcherson Mayor Rebecca Benton called a special meeting which ended in confusion — and with a new Councilwoman appointed.

“Well, the process to quickly fill this role has been a little too fast, I was not involved in any of the conversations about who to nominate,” said Pooler Councilman Aaron Higgins.

“We are only 31 days away from the election and I wanted guidance from our voters, but I think this close would potentially disenfranchise the voters.”

The two-minute meeting ended with Councilwoman Shirlina Daniel being appointed to City Council until the end of the year, but council members and constituents alike weren’t happy.

“So, we were notified and asked if we could make this meeting today and it was about filling the seat and not seeing the resolution, was not discussed with us who that seat should be filled with, and I thought we were going to be discussing it. Apparently, it was already decided because it was already on the resolution,” said City Councilwoman Karen Williams.

Hutcherson told News 3 that he does plan to run again and stepped down following a disagreement with the council. His lawyer released the following statement on Thursday:

Tom Hutcherson has served Pooler diligently and selflessly for the past 3 ½ years as a voice for the people. His concern first and foremost are the citizens of Pooler.

While he resigned citing a health scare, he has since been reassured that that he can assume full duties and today this office can announce that he is fit for duty and can fully execute all of his responsibilities and without exceptions or accommodations.

He is on the ballot for the November election and is actively campaigning.

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