SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV)- Last month we told you about a church looking for a new sanctuary after losing theirs to a fire.

Now Central Missionary Baptist Church is finding salvation in a new place.

Pastor Tyrone Edwards was inside his church last month when its steeple was struck by lightning and caught on fire.

“We were not able to salvage anything in the sanctuary,” said Pastor Edwards.

Everything is gone, their damage assessment and all the walls must come down due to last month’s fire.

“Bibles, pews, hymnals, all of those things, unfortunately, are gone, either through the fire or the water damage that was done,” said Edwards.

Church member Me‘Kia Davis tells me she found comfort in her church family during this time.

“It really made us come together and brought up a lot of love and joy, so I was able to find joy in that situation along with knowing that God has our back, but just being around those church members at that time, really filled that devastation,” said Davis.

Now in their new temporary home, Savannah Baptist Church, just one block away from their old stomping grounds, things are feeling back to normal.

Pastor Edwards told me it might be a year or more before they can go back. He says he is just so thankful for the enormous help that churches in the area have offered.

“We’re able to do everything here and not be disrupted and we’re still in the community. So, God is able.”

All of Central Missionary’s services are back up and running in their new space.