CEMA: Now is a good time to make personal emergency plans

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – While Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) monitors the latest track for Dorian, it is urging local families and individuals to get personal plans in place and assemble emergency kits.

“We encourage you to do that and if you don’t need it for this storm you’ve got it for the next storm,” says Dennis Jones of CEMA.

From survival kits that contain food, water, medications and even pet supplies, to learning evacuation routes, Jones says there is a great deal families can do ahead of time to give them peace of mind before a storm hits.

In terms of possible damage to your home, it’s advised that you take pictures of videos of your belongings, especially things like artwork and jewelry. But you can also document the basics, i.e furniture, dishes, etc.

It’s also advised that you gather important documents like tax bills, tax returns, identification items like a birth certificate and store in a waterproof container. The plan would be that you are able to grab the container if you are evacuating. But if you don’t, the waterproof container will hopefully protect the documents, especially if you have any water damage.

You’re also advised to learn evacuation routes that have changed since 2016 as a result of things learned during Hurricane Matthew.

In Chatham County there are now three zones:

Zone A is the Islands to the Truman Parkway
Zone B is the Truman Parkway to I-95
Zone C is I-95 to the Chatham County line

Jones says you should also make a plan regarding where you would go if you need to leave your homes.

“In addition to that, have a family communications plan,” he said. “If your family gets separated during an emergency event you want to make sure that everybody knows who to contact or where to meet up.”

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