SAVANNAH, Ga.(WSAV) – Two shootings, two young victims in two separate but close by Chatham County subdivisions. Capt. Gene Harley, Commander of CCPD’S Criminal Investigations unit says “the two incidents are believed to be connected.”

The first victim, last Wednesday, was a 22 year-old man. He was shot and critically injured in the Hampton Place neighborhood. The second victim, was a 17 year-old boy shot in the leg in the nearby Berwick Lakes neighborhood. l

Last week police were looking for only one suspect. Capt. Harley says, at least in that second shooting, “we know that there was more than one suspect involved with that.”
He goes on to say these shootings appear gang related. A reminder than gang activity can happen anywhere. “Often times gangs conduct their activities in certain areas or parts of towns, or other jurisdictions, but then some of those gang members actually reside in other jurisdictions.”

This week police are investigating new potential leads, suggesting the shootings are possibly connected to recent ones in Savannah. “The challenge we have in investigations like these is that on one side of it we have a lot of street talk that kind of helps to gain information. Then it’s kind of deciphering if that street talk is legitimate or not, and if so how do we go about proving or disproving it.”

CCPD is also in contact with Port Wentworth police to determine whether a shooting there, over the weekend, could also be connected. If you know anything you’re asked to call Crimestoppers at 912-234-2020