SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Calvary Day is honoring the Leffler family while supporting those who are left behind after a Memorial Day weekend boating accident took four of the family members’ lives.

Chris Leffler was a history teacher and coach at Calvary Day while his son was a senior at the school. On Wednesday the head of the school addressed the media about the tragedy, what the school is doing to honor the family and how to support those who are left behind.

“That’s a tough loss,” Dr. Hunter Chadwick said. “You know as the head of school, you’re trying to lead a whole group of people who are hurting.”

Chris Leffler didn’t even teach the whole school year, yet his impact left a lasting impact on the student body.

“Chris was a person who was great at relationships and that’s what made him such an asset to schools,” Chadwick said. “He loved kids and it came natural to him. He also challenged kids. He approached everything as loving the kids first.”  

Chadwick also spoke about the family’s legacy.

“Even though I may not have been the principal or the head of school for the older two children. I knew about them because of Nate and Chris and Lori talking about them,” Chadwick said. “And so, the legacy I think they leave behind here at the school is that whole idea of faith in action.”

Although school is out for the summer, Calvary Day has counselors and pastors available on campus. They are moving forward by helping the community in any way they can.

“Zach and Nate and Chris and Lori are gone and there’s still people hurting here and that’s our number one concern,” said Chadwick. “How can we support them? Our school community is focused on those who are honoring those who are gone and focus on how we can support those who are left here.”