HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C (WSAV) — Labor Day marks the unofficial end to Summer and people looking to find some good deal made their way down to Coligny Plaza.

Christine Saegner, owner of Tropical Styles says that weather conditions always bring shoppers into her business.

“Whenever it rains, it’s a good shopping day, so it’s been pretty steady for the day,” Saegner said.

Some businesses in the plaza made out great this labor day weekend with excellent sales.

Christina Burns, manager at Frosty Frog Café says business has been doing well, despite the last two years of COVID.

“Business is doing really good for our holiday weekend. Of course, you know with last year, you didn’t want to judge too much with last year because we were coming out of COVID, which is a little bit different,” Burns said. “So, the numbers we’ve been seeing this holiday weekend is comparable to 2018, 2019 which is good”.

However, some businesses in the plaza are struggling to meet pre-COVID levels.

Saegner knows firsthand what it is like.

“A little bit, because it’s not as busy as it normally is for this time of the year, so it is concerning, for sure,” Saegner said.

During the peak of COVID, many business saw a decline in sales, due to decline in tourism rates. Now, two years later, many businesses in the shopping center are happy people are getting out more.

Burns says business is doing so well, that all of the workers feel proud to work there

“And like I said, it’s been really good. August was a pretty good month for us still which you know Labor Day is your last hurrah or whatever but basically Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and today we were seeing really good numbers, a lot of traffic in Coligny itself so yes definitely”.