BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — Bulloch County got a lot of rain from Idalia crumbling the structures of roads both paved and dirt.

“By the time we get all the ditches pulled and all of the drainage fixed and the roads grated, we’re probably looking at a year process,” said Dink Butler, director for Bulloch County Public Works.

County workers have not stopped since the storm, restoring roads enough to make them drivable. While they’ve opened up almost all roads, butler says they’ll have to go back in to repair drainage underneath some.

“I do realize that we have a lot of roads that are in bad condition right now,” said Butler.

He tells News 3 that recovering from the storm has even backed up regular dirt road maintenance.

“We’re addressing the safety concerns first then we’ll get back to our regular road maintenance and trying to get the roads back up in reasonable condition,” said Butler.

One paved road, Brannen Pond Road won’t be passable for another three months at least. Until then, Butler asks that people stop using their dirt barricade like it’s a county-issued dirt bike ramp.

“If they got past the dirt piles then the road could cave in,” said Butler. “We’re not certain about the stability of the road under the pavement.”

With rain projected to come this weekend, he asks that everyone exercise extra caution going down roads with fresh dirt because it’ll probably be a slippery ride.