BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) – With over 436 miles of land area and a population of over 44,700, Bryan County is Georgia’s fastest-growing county, and its growth pace is expected to continue into 2050.

Also growing — the county’s budget.

Bryan County’s 2023 proposed budget for $261.4 million, an increase of over $188 million from last year, has been approved.

“The increase that you have seen is money and incentives that we’ve gotten from the state,” said Bryan County Board of Commissioners Chairman Carter Infinger.

Carter Infinger, Chairman of the Bryan County Commission. (Photo provided by Matthew Kent)

The 2023 annual budget accounts for funds needed to operate the county’s governmental obligations from Jan. 1, 2023, to Dec. 31, 2023. This year’s budget separates into a Countywide Services Fund and an Unincorporated Services Fund to ensure that revenues generated from both sources serve the unincorporated and the incorporated areas equally in service delivery. 

Bryan County’s Fiscal Year 2023 budget summary includes minor funds of .18%, unincorporated services of 3.65%, general and countywide services of 13.45% and special funds of 45.87% in expenditures.

The primary source of funding for the Countywide Services Fund is property taxes, which is not part of the special funds of millions of dollars the county will receive for infrastructure and water projects related to Hyundai’s new electric vehicle site. Instead, that money will come from the state, according to Infinger.

Bryan County’s budget is not the only thing growing. With Hyundai Motor Group, Norma Precision Inc., Hyundai Mobis and KISS USA all moving to Bryan County, many consider it to be on the cusp of an economic boom.

“It’s exciting for Bryan County, the things that are happening in Bryan County. It did not happen overnight,” said Infinger. “It took a lot of people, we have a team of people, everybody working together. It’s exciting times because Bryan County now is an opportunity.”

He continued, “We’re the fastest-growing county in the state, 6th fastest-growing in the nation. We have the opportunity, really a blank canvas, to make Bryan County what we want it to be. We want people to be able to live here, work here, play here, all within our county, and that’s what we’re doing.”

Concerning Gov. Brian Kemp’s role in Bryan County’s growth, Infinger said: “Gov. Kemp, he’s involved, he’s on the team. He has his people doing it and I have my staff and he has his staff and we’re all working together.”

He continued, “A couple of years ago when they bought that mega site, that was the largest land purchase in the history of the state of Georgia, 63, 64 million dollars. Within almost a year to the day, Hyundai came in, that was a $5.5 billion investment into Bryan County, Gov. Kemp had a lot to do with it, we all had a lot to do with it.”.

Prior to Dec. 31 of each calendar year, the Bryan County Board of Commissioners adopts an annual budget for Bryan County. The budget adoption typically takes place during the December Commission Meeting, which is held on the second Tuesday of the month.

The budget committee consists of the County Administrator, Assistant County Administrator,
Finance Director, Assistant Finance Director and Staff Accountant work to prepare the proposed annual budget. The final proposed budget is presented at an open Board of Commissioners meeting for final approval.