BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — The Bryan County Shrine Club was out helping and feeding residents not even an hour after the tornado touched down. The club’s president knew all hands needed to be on deck and the group has been helping out since.

“And just seeing the multitude of damage, the amount of damage,” says Bryan County Shrine club president Gil Newell. “The big 20 plus inch to 30 plus inch trees at 20 feet just snapped off like twigs. Removing the houses straight off the foundation.”

The night the tornado touched down Gil Newell and one volunteer were rushing to gather food and supplies.

The club ended up feeding hundreds of storm victims.

“We made a mad dash out to the grocery store and started buying what we could buy,” said Newell. “Come back, we had no power at the club so with the headlights of a pickup truck and two cell phone flashlights we prepped, cooked, and served in the neighborhood of 250, meals that night.”

But the shrine club didn’t stop there, with more volunteers–they managed to prep, cook, and serve thousands of meals over the course of a 13-day period.

“We served just over 7,100 meals,” says Gil. “From our best calculations of adding up who all was there and how long everybody was there. We’ve got somewhere in the neighborhood of 3000 volunteer hours put in.”

playing a huge part in getting relief to those impacted, something many in Bryan County took part in, not just the shrine club.

“It was a great feeling to see,” said Gil. “It’s a small community, it’s very rural. But when a natural disaster happens there’s, more people coming out the woodwork to help. There’s more donations.”