ELLABELL, Ga. (WSAV) – Some Ellabell residents are calling on local leaders to take action on Mill Creek Church Road, an unpaved road alongside homes, businesses and churches.

“Well, flooding mostly and when you get, when it gets wet, you can’t just hardly get through here,” said Tony Singleton, pastor of Boyds Temple New Order Church. “And we’ve been having this probably for 20, 25 to 30 years, and it’s time for it to stop.”

Bryan County Commissioner for District 2 Wade Price said years ago, before his time, the county was going to pave Mill Creek Church Road and the residents didn’t want it paved. However, he says they are working on it now.

“We just had Thomas & Hutton come out and do a preliminary survey and seeing what right of way we have and what we needed to have.”

Price continued, “We are working on getting it paved.  I met with the residents yesterday over there, some of them, at the church yesterday.  I showed them what we had and what property we needed and whose property we needed to get some more right of way from and we’re just going through that step now.”

Price said they just need a majority approval from the residents, and they will proceed to try to get it paved.

Mary Hamilton, who lives on Mill Creek Church Road said yesterday’s meeting was very productive. “We had a good turnout from the community, including local sheriff deputies and the county commissioner for our area, which is the 1380th District.”

A cemetery on Mill Creek Church Road (Photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

She continued, “One issue dealing with getting the road paved is the fact that there are graves on each side of the road. So, the discussion came up yesterday about relocating them, something family members aren’t opened to, but are opened to other options.”

Concerning relocating graves Price said, “That’s something we will have to address when we get there.”

Community members will have the opportunity to address their concerns again at Tuesday’s commissioners meeting at 5:30 p.m. in the Commissioners Meeting Room (26 N. Courthouse Street).

On what will be discussed at tomorrow night’s meeting Price said, “Nothing definitive. It’s basically up to the residents right there. I’ve given them the paperwork to see roughly how many feet is projected that we need of certain people’s properties.”