PEMBROKE, GA. (WSAV) — Nearly two weeks have passed since the most powerful twister so far this year took place in Bryan County.

Now, locals are starting to adjust to a new normal — life following the storm.

“People are going back to work and they’re having to, unfortunately, put some of their lives if they were affected by this on the back burner because it takes time and that’s the hardest part of all of this,” said Jennifer Fleming, Public Information Officer of the Bryan County Sheriff’s Department. “It was the hardest part for first responders, for EMA, for GEMA, it’s a slow-moving process and we absolutely hate it for them because we want to get in there and fix it for them now.”

Currently, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is not involved in the rebuilding efforts since the damage did not meet the federal threshold.

Luckily, Georgia’s Emergency Management Agency has stepped in to assist where they can.

Officials say moving forward, the biggest need is monetary donations.

“Currently, monetary donations are always great. I know a lot of people question where that money goes, all of the money goes 100% to the families so that helps them find hotel rooms or prescriptions or eyeglasses,” Flemming said. “The monetary needs that people don’t generally think about until they’re in need of it at that moment.”

As the rebuild continues, those that have been on the front lines are thankful for the community’s swift response and their willingness to lend a helping hand when their neighbors are in need.

“I am Bryan County born and bred. From here, I expected no less,” said Wendy Futch, Executive Director of the Bryan County Family Connection. “I knew that, I mean this was a hard hit to our community and I knew that if anybody was going to show up and make a difference it was going to be our Bryan County Community.”

We’ll continue to keep up with people in Bryan County to make sure their stories are being told. If you’d like to learn how to help those affected in Bryan County, you can click or tap here.