COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSAV) — Curtis Smith may have been Alex Murdaugh’s friend, his co-conspirator, his drug dealer, or all of the above.

No matter who he is, the man known as “Cousin Eddie” to many is on his way back to jail.

A South Carolina Circuit Court judge made that determination after a hearing Thursday afternoon.

Smith was indicted by a Grand Jury in June on 12 charges, including conspiracy, money laundering, and drug trafficking.

A South Carolina Attorney General prosecutor made the case that Smith, who was granted a $250,000 bond after a hearing in June, violated it in two different ways.

The first issue stemmed from a comment Smith himself made during that bond hearing back in June.

“I don’t have any money. All the money Mr. Waters is talking about that was there, Alex Murdaugh that got all of that,” Smith said.

Smith asserted to Judge Clifton Newman then that he was broke. No money from the $3.4 million in checks that were allegedly written to Smith over the years by Murdaugh went into his pockets.

But Thursday, prosecutor Creighton Waters disagreed with that statement.

Waters said Smith’s bank account has consistently had tens of thousands of dollars in it, even since he bonded out.

“Is there a consequence when Mr. Smith stood before your honor just a couple of weeks ago and then he had $80,000 in his checking account?” said Waters.

Smith’s attorneys said the money their client has come from an insurance settlement from a fire at his shop three years ago.

Smith himself told the judge he was not trying to mislead him.

“I by no means and no way trying to hide the money from a fire I had at the shop three years ago,” said Smith said. “I had to take almost all that money and bond myself out. I by no means wanted to thumb my nose at the court, I wouldn’t dream of it.”

The other issue according to prosecutors, was the house arrest that was part of his bond requirements.

Waters says he had a list of places that Smith was traveling to that were “not” work or home.

While some may have been understandable, like Walmart, Waters said many were at all hours of the day and night, flaunting his ability to freely travel in violation of court rules.

“I don’t think he needs to be riding around at 4 a.m.,” said Waters. “If he is working the third shift and the defense wants to provide proof of that, that’s fine.”

Smith responded to prosecutors’ claims with a simple excuse, he didn’t know the rules. But he does now.

“Trust me, I took a butt chewing from these people for a while now,” said Smith. “And I fully understand what it means. I have not even gone across the street to check my mail in two weeks.”

In the end, Judge Clifton Newman listened to both sides and then laid down the law.

“The defense and Mr. Smith misrepresented Mr. Smith’s financial condition to the court,” Newman said. “Mr. Smith is also willfully violating the house arrest conditions of his bond.”

“His bond is revoked. And he is remanded back to jail.”

Smith is already facing more charges in Colleton County after Alex Murdaugh allegedly asked Smith to shoot him in the head so Murdaugh’s son Buster could collect on a $10 million insurance policy.

Alex Murdaugh himself remains behind bars facing a total of 87 criminal charges, including two counts of murder in connection with the shooting deaths of his wife Maggie and son Paul in June of 2021.