Bluffton councilwoman, musician address social media posts after Trump rally

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BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) – A local musician says he’s being denied work because he attended the Trump rally before the attack on the U.S. Capitol. He is blaming a Bluffton councilwoman for encouraging venues not to hire him.

Whitley Deputy said he traveled to the Capitol last week to defend President Donald Trump’s presidency.

“I posted a picture of me being there on the ground and by the time I got home I was receiving a ridiculous amount of hate on social media,” Deputy said.

He admits the rally got out of hand but he doesn’t think that peaceful protesters should pay the price for the violent rioters.

“People are accusing me of being one of the ones that stormed the Capitol building, that’s not true. I never went up the first step,” Deputy said.

When city Councilwoman Bridgette Frazier and other locals in Bluffton learned Deputy was at the rally they encouraged local businesses to no longer hire him.

The Facebook comment posted by Frazier says, “We should all be calling Ruby Lee’s and asking they remove him from their performers list.”

“I saw people beginning to tag individual business owners and I interjected and said don’t tag them. If that’s the request you’re making, instead call the establishment and make the request to have him removed,” Frazier told News 3.

Whitley said that the Facebook comments were uncalled for and he’s now calling for councilwoman Frazier’s resignation. Two petitions have been posted to social media.

“People were just venting frustrations of the fact that even a meeting to sabotage or stop the certification of the election results that all Americans participated in was egregious,” Frazier said.

“It’s unfortunate that an elected official in the Town of Bluffton would go after somebody’s livelihood based on their political viewpoint,” Deputy said.

Bluffton Mayor Lisa Sulka has been made aware of the calls for councilwoman Frazier to resign. She said in a statement she has “no power or jurisdiction to remove another council member.”

Frazier acknowledges that there will be political differences in the Town of Bluffton and she thinks “we should always strive to build and create One Bluffton, a community which works for everyone.”

I am thankful for Bluffton residents and supporters who continue to be a beacon of hope as their example reminds all of us of the value of community.

As a resident and an elected official of Bluffton, I will always stand up for the issues of human decency and social justice for all. Throughout my life, my father, who was the late Mayor Pro Tempore Oscar Frazier, Sr., continues to inspire me to continue his work to advocate for our community. I want the annals of history to boldly recollect me on the right side of history unafraid, unwavering, unbought and unbossed.

I encourage us all to remain focused on what will contribute to our community and to be mindful not being distracted by calculated ploys of divisiveness. 

One of the greatest truths of our union is rooted in acknowledging diverse political views are welcome and necessary as a society. Though we may differ in some instances, we should always strive to build and create One Bluffton, a community which works for everyone.

I will forever be dedicated to the belief; we are greater together.

Councilwoman Bridgette Frazier

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