BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) — A Lowcountry company dedicated to helping parents here in the United States is stepping up for the moms and dads in Ukraine.

“It’s really heartbreaking as the father of three little girls when you see kids in these types of situations,” said Beav Brodie, CEO and Founder of Tactical Baby Gear.

Situations and pictures that sparked Beav Brodie, founder of Tactical Baby Gear in Bluffton to step up and help.

“Our whole brand exists to support parents and what better way to support a country that’s in a war,” said Brodie.

So he went looking for a good partner in the region, a cause and a product.

His first thought. The kids.

“This is a diaper and we sent 75,000 of these over between sizes 1-4.”

Brodie shows off an all-in-one package the size of an MRE that includes the baby wipes and a trash bag.

“It’s got everything you need and you aren’t trying to source diapers and source wipes,” Brodie said with a smile.

A company designed to make sure parents can “look good” while taking care of their little one now wants to make sure the parents of Ukraine feel better about a horrible situation.

“Something as simple as a diaper it can make such a positive impact and take some of that pressure off of mom,” explains Brodie. “Where is the next diaper coming from you have sanitary issues. Its another issue, another level of stress that hopefully we can reduce a little bit.”

“I hope it’s a sigh of relief even through one diaper.”

The company is working with the agency “convoy of hope” to deliver 75,000 packs to families and refugees in both Poland and Ukraine.

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