Blood levels continue to hit record lows during winter months, donor need at all-time high

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – At Kingdom Fellowship Church, donors continue to try their best to help aid the drastically low blood supply levels leftover from low donor turnouts during the pandemic.

“I’m a physician up in Michigan and I came down here to visit my family today, and just seeing how often we need blood, I’m an OBGYN so that’s a very high blood loss specialty, so seeing the need for it and knowing that we’re short definitely inspired me to come out today,” said Eboni Pullen, a first-time blood donor.

According to The Blood Connection, the winter months are usually a time where blood donations can be at their lowest, but this season those numbers have reached record lows.

Causing any sudden need for blood, like the tornadoes that just took place in states like Kentucky and Tennessee, to compound that need tenfold.

“We were asked to send units to one of our partners, blood assurance in Nashville. So we really need donors now more than ever, after making sure that blood assurance can stay on their feet, and making sure those people that were rushed to the hospital have their blood products,” said Mercy Myers, Partnerships and Media Coordinator for The Blood Connection.

That need in-turn effects the surrounding areas as well. 

Causing the coastal empire to be one disaster away from a potentially scary situation – if more donors don’t soon decide to roll up their sleeves.

“Let’s say, next year a hurricane hits Savannah and we can’t operate for days, this blood emergency readiness core and our other partners would make sure that we were taken care of and ultimately, people in the community were taken care of,” explained Myers.

For a full list of opportunities to donate blood, you can click here to do so through the red cross, and click here for opportunities through the Blood Connection.

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