BEAUFORT, S.C. (WSAV) — The Mayor of Beaufort is encouraging residents to donate now in order to help victims of war in Ukraine.

Months after the war on Ukraine the country is still dealing with the aftermath of devastation. However, there’s one Lowcountry mayor who is urging residents to donate now before the relief fund comes to an end. 

The country of Ukraine has been in crisis since Russia attacked them back in February. When the mayor of Beaufort, Stephen Murray, saw the mass destruction it caused, he knew that he had to step in to help. Mayor Murray reached out to the Mayor of Ostroh, Yurii Yahodka, and developed a relationship to help the city serve refugees who have fled from the country. 

Since March, the City of Beaufort, along with the mayor, created a campaign that helped raise funds including selling glass pins to resemble the Ukrainian flag and holding a raffle for a blue and yellow quilt called “Hearts for Ukraine.” However, it does not take away how much this country has been affected. 

“You know obviously the war in Ukraine has not ended,” said Mayor Murray, “we are sort of wrapping up the formal push of our campaign this month so we are encouraging folks that might be on the fence about donating that now is the time to go ahead and go head and push to get it done.”

The City of Beaufort will still accept donations through July 31. You can find more information about Beaufort County’s continued efforts to help Ukrainians by clicking here.