BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) — A plan that would have improved some private roads in Beaufort County using public money has been parked for now.

It took three readings for the Beaufort County Council to decide against using county money to maintain private roads. That’s a complete switch from previous meetings.

The proposal was in place to make sure roads — many of them just dirt — would be passable for emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks.

These are just some of the examples of low-hanging trees or potholes which could damage the trucks or even stop them entirely.

After the council looked deeper into the idea it turns out that there was a question, could the county ordinance be against a state law that restricts public money from being used on private property?

“We would essentially be authorizing an illegal ordinance that is against the constitution of the state when we issue that ordinance,” said Larry McElynn, Beaufort County Councilman. “So, two occasions we would probably look foolish we would look foolish to pass the ordinance and then we would look foolish ourselves and repeal the ordinance that we passed.”

A motion was proposed to table the plan for now. Some council members believe that county aid would be necessary for some of the homeowners who don’t have the money to improve their own roads. But that motion did not have enough votes to pass.

The final proposal lost by a 9 to 2 vote.

But council did recommend that county officials go back and review the process and look for additional ways to allow for private and public roads to both be protected and improved.

In that same meeting, council also voted against allowing people to use shipping containers as their homes. The claim is they would be unsafe to live in.