Beaufort Co. Superintendent says he’s stepping down to put focus on students

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The Beaufort County School District’s faced big hurdles in the past couple years.

In this fast-growing area, some schools are over capacity and a $76 million dollar referendum to build a new school failed last month.

Now the district’s superintendent of five years is resigning.

“It’s probably the most difficult decision I’ve made in my professional career,” Superintendent Jeff Moss said. “We have an amazing group of administrators, teachers, and students in this district but obviously the focus has been on me for the last few years.”

Moss says he’s stepping out of the limelight to put students back in it. 

“One decision I made three years ago, that I apologized to the community for, and was fixed within three days, out of the thousands of decisions that I made, that seems to be the only reccuring thing,” he said. 

In 2015, Moss faced charges and fines after his wife was hired in the school district which created a division in the school board. 

“The board has been divided, mostly due to Dr. Moss,” said the board’s vice-chair Geri Kinton. “With Dr. Moss moving on, that conversation can end, and we can get back to concentrating on what we need to do.”

Moss told News 3 his decision to leave has nothing to do with the bond referendum failing or the current FBI investigation into the construction of two schools, which costed more than their original estimate.  

“I’m going to reflect for the next few weeks, and decide what I do from there,” Moss said, “But my number one priority was to cooperatively decide what was best for the 22,000 kids and 2,800 staff we serve.”

As moss exits, graduation rates and college scholarships in the district are currently at an all-time high.

“We ask that our parents stay with us, through this transition. We have your students at heart,” Kinton said. 

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