Barbers, nail salons, gyms reopen in Lowcountry

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BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) – South Carolina Gov. Henry Mcmaster’s announcement last week that hair salons, nail salons, and gyms would open Monday was welcome news to many.

It didn’t take people long to rush to their barber or trainer, and for those businesses to change the way they work for safety.

“During those seven weeks, we were out we put a lot of effort into what we were doing to keep people safe,” said Jay McCoog.

Safe and healthy in all forms: that’s the goal of the eFitClub in Bluffton. The gym is based on short-duration exercises so they people can get in and out quickly.

Now, the machines and weights have been moved farther apart. Exercise classes are only allowing four people at a time. Everything is basically touchless or can only be touched with disinfectants.

McCoog says his business is doing everything it can for cleanliness but some of it will fall back on customers.

“We have pretty much hospital-grade disinfectants throughout the facility,” he explains, “And as people are going machine to machine those wipes are their new buddy as I call them.”

“With the precautions, we are taking I feel like its really safe. A lot safer than going to the grocery store,” said Brent Nelson of the Barbers of the Lowcountry, who opened up on Monday.

He’s got signs on the floor, masks on his employees, and the clients. Hand sanitizer is available along with cleaning supplies at each and every station.

“We are asking our customers to wear a mask when they come in,” says Nelsen. “If not we have a disposable one to give to you until our logo masks come in.”

They even have a disposable cape bib if you want an extra layer of protection during the cut.

The barbers already have 730 reservations in the next week alone. The first ones in the chair say they are willing to do whatever they need to get that much-needed trim.

“(Wearing a mask) Doesn’t bother me,” said Josh Vanveventer. “A little difficult breathing but I’m getting a haircut, that’s all that matters.”

“We’re just trying to do the best we can to maintain safety,” said Nelsen. “There’s been some blowback not much but I figure for this first two weeks we come back we will follow these procedures pretty clearly. I don’t want to be shut down again.”

Barbers of the Lowcountry have already extended their hours and days to meet the demand.

They will now be open during the week from 7 am-8 pm. Saturday 7 am-6 pm and normally they are closed on Sunday, but will now be open from 12 pm-5 pm.

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