SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — It was a full house at this week’s Chatham County Commission meeting, with COVID-19 once again taking center stage for discussion.

“Right now, at the previous meeting I believe the percentage of omicron spreading was probably in the 70 to 80% range, as of now pretty much everything that’s coronavirus-related is omicron at this point,” said Dr. Chris Rustin, Administrator for the Coastal Health District.

According to Dr. Rustin, even though numbers like the community transmission index and total hospitalizations are starting to trend downwards in Chatham County, we aren’t in the clear just yet.

Saying that in many cases, these statistics could be misleading.

“What I want to make sure everyone understands is that these are reported test results. They report it through getting a PCR test which is, you get a swab that goes off to the laboratory, your results come back. We do not receive rapid test results, at-home rapid test results are not reported,” Dr. Rustin explained.

Testing at Coastal Health District locations, like the Savannah Civic Center has also dropped off dramatically. 

Going from administering over 5,800 total tests just two weeks ago, down to less than 1500 this week.

Dr. Rustin says moving forward, even if you test negative, if you’re showing symptoms of the virus it’s a good idea to stay home and isolate accordingly.

“If you’re sick, if you test yourself and you test positive, even if you test negative, if you have symptoms you can consider yourself potentially positive and you should treat and isolate accordingly just to try and prevent continued spread of that,” said Dr. Rustin.