Arguments dominate Savannah City Council work session

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Tensions are rising between Savannah’s newly elected city council members.

Arguments between aldermen and even the mayor interrupted the flow of business at Thursday’s work session.

It all started when some councilmembers became upset about a town hall meeting Alderman Estella Shabazz held Wednesday night.

They claim she intentionally made them look bad in front of citizens.

Mayor Van Johnson says Shabazz called his integrity into question.

“I do have a problem with people trying to insinuate that there is some issue about my credibility or that of the city manager,” the mayor said.

“Accusations were made,” Johnson continued, “Misinformation was given in an attempt to really rile people up.”

The mayor says he’s offended he wasn’t invited to Shabazz’s town hall meeting like the rest of the council.

“He could have come in. It was a public meeting. So, therefore, he did not need an invitation to come to the town hall meeting,” Shabazz responded.

Also at issue: a council agenda item outlining the governing body’s rules, including division of power.

The mayor says, despite rumors, it’s not an attempt to change powers outlined in the city charter.

Shabazz says, regardless, the councilors need more time to discuss it.

“We schedule a meeting that however many hours, or days or weeks it would take for us as a council to talk about in detail what is on the agenda,” she said.

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