Alderman sees positive results after aluminum cup pilot program comes to an end

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The 60-day pilot program for the new aluminum To-Go cups has come to an end. City Alderman Nick Palumbo says that so far the results of the trial have been positive.

“We’re super excited after a two month pilot program the aluminum to-go cup pilot, the first in the nation, has finally come to a close, and we’re super excited to share the results that it’s been a very positive experience and a huge hit for businesses, residents and visitors,” says Nick Palumbo the District 4 Alderman.

Palumbo says these new cups will help decrease plastic pollution in Savannah.

“Americans consume on average one credit cards worth of plastic a year, you know, that’s how much plastic is going through our bodies and it’s just in the water system, it’s in our waste stream. So anything we can do to get single use plastics out of our environment and divert it is a really huge success,” says Palumbo.

According to Palumbo, aluminum is infinitely recyclable.

“We put 50,000 cups into the city to give it a shot for this aluminum to-go cup trial and that diverted 50,000 single-use plastics out of the waste stream,” says Palumbo.

In addition to environmental benefits, Palumbo says businesses and tourists could benefit from the re-usable cups.

“This boosts our recycling value at the city, extends the life of the landfill and gives businesses the opportunity to get some branding and a keepsake for visitors,” says Palumbo.

The locally owned and operated restaurant family, the Gaslight Group, hopes to continue using the sustainable cups. Carey Ferrara, the director of sales and marketing for the group says if the new program doesn’t work out for some businesses it will be due to the price difference between aluminum and plastic. Still she says they want to continue the program.

“I would say to any company that’s looking to get involved, we thought it was great, our customers thought it was great and we really hope to be able to continue with the program in the future,” says Ferrara.

QR codes for a survey were placed on the aluminum cups and the city received over 500 responses. Now that the pilot period has come to an end, the city plans to release that data at the end of the month.

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