HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) — Alex Murdaugh will not appeal the decision to take away his law license in South Carolina.

Murdaugh was called to the South Carolina Supreme Court for a Wednesday hearing to show why he should not be disbarred. Tuesday, attorneys for the disgraced Hampton County lawyer told the South Carolina Supreme Court he “did not contest the court’s authority and decision to disbar him from the practice of law” and told justices to cancel the hearing.

The court previously said several different times during criminal hearings that Murdaugh and his legal team have “admitted to conduct that amounts to clear and convincing evidence of dishonesty.”  

That includes Murdaugh admitting to staging a suicide attempt to look like murder to defraud an insurance company and then making a false police report.

The supreme court is expected to set down a formal written decision on Murdaugh’s license in the next few days. Murdaugh is currently in Richland County jail facing 82 criminal charges and 11 civil lawsuits.