SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Sunday afternoon, members from all over the community came together at Daffin Park to get fit in a fun way.

Alderwoman Post 1 at Large, Kesha Gibson-Carter hosted an event called Fit at 50.

Carter said, “I recently turned 50 and as opposed to taking a trip or having a photoshoot or a big birthday bash, I decided to give a gift to the City of Savannah on behalf of the City of Savannah. We want a fit Savannah, a healthy Savannah, an active Savannah”.

Trainer and fitness experts from throughout the city of Savannah provided wellness tips as well as mini workouts to help people improve their health, lifestyle, and well-being.

“Our trainers and expert fitness instructors are here today not only to share an opportunity with regard to their professions but also to showcase their business as our community, our state, and our world is getting back to business, we want to showcase these trainers so that our citizens will be able to consider an alternative when it comes to engaging in a healthy lifestyle,” Carter said.

She also partnered with JC Lewis Primary Care to help residents get their blood pressure checked and learn more about their health. Tristian Hibbard, a case worker for JC Lewis, says it’s important to put your health first.

Hibbard said, “Well, if you aren’t keeping your health in check, it can slip off and you can you know um be pre-diabetic and slowly go into diabetes and just a long with that there’s always a possibility of underlying health conditions, so if you’re not taking care of your best self, you may slip into those possibilities.”

Carter’s motto for living a healthier lifestyle is simple.

“Anyone can get fit and start right now. You do not have to have a major bank account, you can get fit in your homes, you can get fit in the beautiful parks that we have here in Savannah. The best way to lose weight is not to gain weight and in not gaining weight is about being active, watching what you eat, and just enjoying this city that we have,” Carter explained.