Alderman Tony Thomas sued, store evicted from Savannah Mall

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Savannah Mall is suing District 6 Alderman Tony Thomas for failure to pay his bills related to five units the owner says he leases at the property.

The suit by Savannah Mall Realty Holding was filed in November 2018, but Friday the mall evicted Thomas. The items from his Stuff Store were seen in the parking lot.

The suit alleges the alderman failed to pay rent for any of his leases in the amount of $70,158.87.

The mall claims Thomas owes $21,775.33 in late fees, interest and penalties for failure to remain open during business hours. The suit alleges Thomas owes $586.49 for unpaid electric bills and $37,065 for liquidation damages.

The mall is also trying to ban Thomas from making disparaging comments about the Savannah Mall. The mall sits in Thomas’ district and owners also want Thomas to be prevented from using his position as alderman to vote on matters relating to the Savannah Mall, according to the suit.

In a counterclaim filed by Thomas, he wrote that he will not allow censorship of his concerns. He also wrote there were no signed leases for 2018.

The alderman also said mall management failed to make critical repairs and failed to foster a positive sales environment for merchants and customers.

Thomas did not return News 3’s phone call seeking comment.

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