BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — Over three months in and the people of Bryan county are still working on getting themselves back on their feet after April’s tornado. Many residents are still without funding to fix lingering damage to their property.

“Homeowners waiting on insurance might still be the name of the game here as far as what we’ve seen in any delays,” says Matthew Kent, communications director of Bryan County. “But as far as the county, we are still waiting on insurance.”

With over 20 homes destroyed and another 50 or more suffering some damage, it’s a frustrating process that could still go on a little longer.

“Obviously we’d like to rebuild a little bit faster, but you know any kind of recovery like this whether it be on the government side or on the personal side, it takes a while,” Kent said. “There’re certain things you can get done immediately, but there are other things that take, you know a few months or even a year.”

The United Way of the Coastal Empire wants Bryan county residents to know there is still money set aside for those directly impacted by the events on April 5. 

“There’s still funds available through united way for the victims of the April 5th tornado for various expenses whether it be moving or buying a washer or dryer or the little things that you know that insurance may not have covered but you still need,” says Kent.

The money is awarded on a case-by-case basis. To apply or find out if you’re eligible call United Way at 912-651-7753 or email