TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) – Lifeguards are reminding Tybee Island visitors to be aware of Portuguese man o’ war.

These marine animals are not jellyfish but are closely related. They’re typically a blue or violet color with long tentacles.

“Although they are not in large numbers, they are something to lookout for,” a post on the Tybee Lifeguards’ Facebook page said.

So far this season, officials have spotted three man o’ war.

“If you see one, do NOT touch it,” Tybee Lifeguards advised. “Call and report it to our non-emergency number so it can be disposed of.”

The department can be reached at 912-786-9873.

A sting from Portuguese man o’ war can be painful and cause welts on the skin. Should you get stung, Tybee Lifeguards recommend rinsing the affected area with saltwater and removing stingers to the best of your ability. Rinse with vinegar and hot water, they added, and if needed — seek medical attention.

The warning came ahead of Memorial Day weekend. Tybee’s city manager said upwards of 13,000 people could visit the island over the three-day period.