A new initiative launched at a Savannah school to ensure students safety

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SAVANNAH, Ga., (WSAV)- It’s a new initiative aimed at providing your children with a safe escort home. It’s called The Walking School Bus, and it’s a joint effort between Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools and Gadsden elementary. 

As the school day ends and buses take students home, a new initiative at Gadsden elementary has school leaders forming a new way to transport students on foot, the walking school bus.

 The safe routes initiative is actually established for the students to be able to walk to and from safely. To school and from school, Cpl. Lisa Darby with the Chatham county board of education, police said. 

 Students who live nearby the school in the Frazier or Kayton apartments will be escorted home by teachers, members of the school staff, or volunteers to ensure safety. 
Cpl. Darby said the students will be in a single line and patrolled on all sides.

She said for right now, the school only has two routes that students are escorted home on, and lots of consideration went into choosing these routes.

 We went out into the community and the things that we look for is like blight, we look for any type of dangerous objects or anything that can be in the area. People lingering around, Cpl. Darby said. 

Cpl. Darby is also hoping this new initiative is going to help cut down on the bad behavior that sometimes happens after school.

This will deter kids from like fighting, bullying, also like any other potential crime that… can harm the students Cpl.Darby said. 

She also added they are looking to implement this initiative at other schools. 

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