A health center in Hinesville receives a grant to offer breast cancer screenings to its patients

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LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga., (WSAV)- People in Liberty and Long County will be able to benefit from a life-saving grant from the Susan G. Komen foundation. The grant will allow a health center to be able to provide breast cancer screenings to the less fortunate members in the community.

The $50,000 grant was given to Diversity Health Center which helps the uninsured, underinsured, and homeless to see a  docotor, get their teeth cleaned, and pick up their prescriptions. And added to the list, patients can even be screened for breast cancer, thanks to the grant. 

“It provides us funding for the screenings, then if a patient is diagnosed with potential breast cancer then we’re able to do the secondary test like their ultrasounds and the biopsy and different things like that,” Stephanie Jones-Heath, Diversity Health Center CEO, said. 

She also said this grant can life-saving. The people her center serves can now come in on a regular basis, instead of worrying about the cost of the breast cancer screenings. Jones-Heath said financial concerns can often lead to patients coming in when it’s too late.

“Early detection is key. So if you find out early that you have breast cancer, potentially you can save your life. Opposed to waiting until you’re in pain or you feel a lump in your breast and then you go get the exam,” Jones-Heath explained.

Recently the center started using their mobile clinic to serve people who have no transportation or live in rural areas, where healthcare is scarce. Center officials now hope to use their mobile clinic to spread the word about the new cancer screenings.

“We’ll have a counselor on the mobile unit and we’ll be able to go into the community and provide those services along with healthcare services so everything that we do in the clinic,” Jones-Heath said. 

Health professionals can’t perform the screenings in the mobile unit, but they say part of the money provided by the grant, will allow them to transport patients into the clinic for those screenings.

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