A Candler County man wants the county to fix the dirt road he lives on

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CANDLER COUNTY, Ga., (WSAV)-  One resident in a rural part of candler county say issues with dirt roads in the area are creating a safety risk, and he’s asking the county to do more. 

That resident, Larry Banks, of Coleman Road said with any amount of rain it becomes difficult for cars to travel on the street he lives on. Banks said the safest way to access the road is through a cow pasture, which is situated in front of the road. 

He also said the issue of the road becoming impassable after it rains has gotten worse over the last four months.

Banks said the county has tried to fix the problem by putting down more dirt, but it keeps being washed away. He said he wants the county to try and find a better solution because  the issue is starting to impact the life of his disabled family member.

“It  picks her up in a bus but last week they got stuck and I had to come down here with a tractor and pull them out. Now, they won’t even come up here to pick her up. I have to take her down to her sister house for them to pick her up,” banks explained. 

Banks also added  he wants more to be done because having a road that causes cars to get stuck or slide into the ditch, could become a major problem for first responders. 

“If there was an emergency they wouldn’t be able to get up in here. So, what do we do then? Is it going to take someone to get that sick or God forbid die, or something like that, to get the attention of our county commissioner,” Banks asked?

News Three reached out to the Candler County Commissioner’s office for comment on the situation. 
Bryan Aasheim, the County Administrator,  sent a statement which says in part….

“Candler county is committed, first and foremost, to the safety of its citizens. County maintained, unpaved roadways can present a challenge…..When specific issues arise we are committed to working with our citizens to find the best possible solution.”

However, banks said he hopes the issues him and his neighbors have been having with this road, are solved quickly. 

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