STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) –  A  school bus carrying books instead of students, will soon be rolling through the streets of Bulloch County. 

It’s a part of the Bulloch County School Board’s initiative to close the literacy gap in the area.  The bus will be stacked with books to resemble a library, along with electronics like computers. 

 Yvette Ledford, Ed.D., director of academic support, said the book bus will try and get younger kids to be excited about learning to read.

 “We want to close that gap and target children before they even get to school. The book bus will target ages from birth to third grade. That’s our main target area,” Ledford said. 

She also said the idea for the book mobile, as she nicknamed it,  came about from her and her colleagues brainstorming and surveying around 400 parents. This was to figure out where was the disconnect with reading.

Ledford said they figured out, the disconnect was partly based related to access. 

“From those surveyed, we realized there were lots of parent’s who had kids who lacked access to books for lots of good reasons. Some of it was they just lived far away from the local library or books a million, or anywhere they could get books. Especially during the summer times when school’s not in session,” Ledford said.

She also said, some of this lack of access was due to a financial situation. 

However Ledford said when the bus is finished, which is expected to be summer of 2019, it will travel throughout all of the towns in Bulloch and will be inclusive of everybody.

“Whether you are home schooled this is something that will be…the book bus will be something that will benefit them whether they are in school or not. It would benefit them. So, it’s sponsored by Bulloch county schools but it is serving Bulloch county as a whole,” Ledford said.