A Bulloch County man reacts to seeing his seven-year-old neighbor struck by lightning

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STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – A Bulloch County child is recovering after being struck by lightning Tuesday afternoon. Now, we are hearing from one of his neighbors who saw everything unfold and rushed to his side to help. 

Statesboro police told us lightning struck a tree Tuesday afternoon then traveled through the ground, hitting the boy who was nearby. The child was rushed to the hospital. 

His neighbor, Charles Saffles,  said the whole thing happened so quickly.

“We all run over. Basically, he’s seizing and everything, we put him on his side, hold him and do the best we can. Three different people call the police for the ambulance, and they responded within like not even three minutes,” Saffles said.

 Saffles said within that three minutes so many thoughts were racing through his mind. He said he was wondering if the boy would survive, did they act quickly, and was it enough. 

“If nobody would have came out and did anything he would have sat there for another good twenty minutes. Who knows what would have happened,” Saffles explained.

 Saffles said he felt reassured when they all realized the boy was still breathing. However, he added after witnessing the ordeal, he’ll make sure his own children don’t play outside when thunderstorms are in the area.

“More along the lines of stay by me. Chill on the back porch, or we can just go inside and watch a movie,” Saffles said. 

Saffles added that he hopes the boy makes a full recovery. 

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