SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Caitlin Jensen has been in Memorial Health’s Intensive Care Unit since June 16.

Nearly a month following a visit to the chiropractor that left her with four dissected arteries, causing strokes and even cardiac arrest.

“We had been texting back and forth all morning after I got to work and at 9:20 my phone rang, and it was her calling me, only it was the chiropractor on the phone and he told me who he was, and that she was there, and that she was having a reaction to the treatment,” said Darlene Jensen, Caitlin’s mother.

Now, her family wants answers. Just how much force did the chiropractor put on her neck?

With other health professionals weighing in, they say, it was likely too much.

“It had to of been a very forceful manipulation to dissect four arteries. If it were just one, and this is what they told me, if it was just one maybe even two, they could see maybe there would be some sort of underlying issues that caused it,” Jensen explained.

So far, Caitlin has only made small progress in what will likely be a long road to recovery.

Memorial Health’s ICU has been working around the clock to reduce the swelling in Caitlin’s brain, so the Jensens can move her to Shepherd’s Center in Atlanta once she becomes more stable.

“It’s about the same. She makes tiny tiny moves like, she can turn her head a little more, just things like that,” Jensen said. “Small changes but they add up to big ones down the road.”

If you’d like to help support the Jensen’s in Caitlin’s road to recovery, you can click or tap here.