RICHMOND HILL, Ga (WSAV) — A 68-year-old woman from Richmond Hill has completed half marathons in all 50 states. 

“I will not stop, I will keep going to the very end because I love it”.

Terry Hartsock, an avid runner says her passion began when she joined a group called Muscatine Running Friends back in Iowa.

“I started back in 2012 with my running group, I have very strong running group at home…Prior to that group, I only done seven miles was my longest distance. Soon as I started with them, I got involved with half-marathons,” said Hartsock.

Since 2012, Hartsock has traveled across the U.S. competing in half marathons and just recently accomplished her goal last year. 

“Yes, we’ve finished all 50 states and Hawaii last January,” Hartsock told WSAV News 3. 

This task wasn’t an easy one to complete. 

Hartsock said, “It took us ten years…We were doing six a year which is a lot. It’s every other month, we’re you know you’re out there, you’re traveling. We were all working full-time when we started, so, we would take a day of vacation, fly on Friday. Fly back on home on Monday. Yes, it is a huge commitment to get all 50 states in.”

She recalls some of her most memorable moments. 

“Alaska was my bear story, where the bear was actually sitting on the running path, and stopped the race. So, that was fun. He left eventually, and we got to finish.”

Hartsock shares this piece of advice for those willing to take on the challenge. 

“Find what you love to do, and keep doing it” (butted sot) find your group, uhh, find your friends, get out there, and have a good time, and do not worry about how fast you are you know.”