SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Gas stations are a convenient way to fill vehicles and stomachs as they offer food and drink items that could be a road trip treat for some, while for others, a daily meal.

Here are some items that are common to Savannah locals, but could be strange to those new to the south.

A pickled pig’s foot at a local gas station in Savannah. (Photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

Pickled pigs’ feet have been a staple for some for many years. Now they come in an individually wrapped package. For those who still enjoy getting their pickled pigs feet packed in vinegar and in a jar, those are still available for sale at some gas stations in Savannah.

Gas station customer Gina Orr said she likes to eat the pickled pigs’ feet packed in vinegar, but she shared her favorite food item to get from a Savannah gas station that’s different she said, “Spaghetti, I like spaghetti and I get it everywhere I go.”

Brittany Washington, a gas station employee, said “Sometimes, I don’t mind like a hot dog or something from there. I don’t do the pigs feet too much anymore but those are very much popular items, the hot sausages, the boiled eggs, all that kind of stuff. A lot of people come in for those.”

Pickled eggs at a local gas station in Savannah. (Photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

On why they are popular in Savannah she said, “I guess it’s kind of what we grew up with when we would go to the candy ladies, so it’s like growing up in communities where you had candy ladies, those are the kind of things that you would find so, in my head will remind me of a younger age and that’s what we liked.”

International snacks for sale at a gas station in Savannah. (Photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

Washington said she would recommend people who visit Savannah try some of the local gas station food favorites.

“I would, when I go out of town, I like to try different things, so I would.”

Canned food item at a local gas station. (Photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

Although red beans and rice is known to have originated in Louisiana, it’s a favorite for many in the south. One local gas station conveniently sells it in a can, which can be a rarity for even some grocery stores.

Vienna sausage in various flavors are sold at local gas stations. (Photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

What’s not a rarity for grocery stores is Vienna sausages. Smoked, barbecue and even buffalo style, however, it wouldn’t be a stretch to find the bourbon barbecue flavor while making a pit stop at one of the local gas stations.

New gas station drink items. (Photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

All of these various foods might cause a little thirst for those partaking but don’t worry, the local gas stations have something to quench that thirst, in a variety of flavors, including smores.

On the importance of gas stations offering old favorites and new items Washington said, “It’s good to have both for the simple fact that your customers are mixed age. So, you get the older ones that are coming in and even if they are bringing their kids in, you have to have the stuff for the younger ones and then you have to cater to the older ones because they are the ones paying for it.”