SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The 5th annual Executive Women’s Day returned to the Club Car Championship Friday.

This tournament staple gives local women a chance to have conversations about the local business issues that effect our community.

“I think one of the biggest things we set out to do when the tournament started was to find a way for all types of fans to interact with the golf tournament,” explained Cheyenne Overby, Tournament Director of the Club Car Championship at the Landings. “A lot of people, they’re not golf fans. We have a finite number of golf fans and what we want overall is for everyone in our community to feel like their a part of this week, they’re a part of our tournament, and a part of our events,”

This fan-favorite event gives local women an opportunity to get involved with the Club Car Championship tournament, no matter their interest in what may be happening on the course. 

Something Tournament Director Cheyenne Overby says has been a huge asset for the club since it’s introduction.

“Something like this, it attracts women, one, who may not be involved in the game yet, is important to us because we want people to get involved but two, it allows them to be a part of it and have a stake in ownership of this golf tournament so, it’s grown tremendously since it’s started and it’s been a pleasure for us to continue to do it and to allow the women in our community to be a part of the club car championship,” Overby said.

With over 200 women in attendance, a panel of local executives were available to answer questions. While others took some time to build their networks.

“If you don’t know as much about what’s going on on the golf course, equally as important are the people who are in those VIP tents, or that are here participating so that locally we can strive to have brought this kind of a championship, this kind of a golf tournament to our city,” explained Cecelia Russo Turner, Keynote Speaker of the event.

The Club Car Championship at the Landings Club will continue through the weekend, and wrap up Sunday afternoon.