2 lawsuits expected involving Murdaugh family

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HAMPTON, S.C. (WSAV) – Alex Murdaugh is back in rehab Friday after being arrested and released on bond for charges stemming from a plot to arrange his own death.

Now, two lawsuits are expected to be filed involving his family just months after he found his wife and son, Maggie and Paul, shot dead on their hunting property.

State investigators have now been asked to open six investigations involving the Murdaughs, including the 2018 death of their housekeeper Gloria Satterfield and the fatal 2019 boat crash of Mallory Beach.

Connor Cook, a passenger on that boat, claims the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office and South Carolina Department of Natural Resources tried to make it look like he was driving when Beach died, rather than Paul Murdaugh.

In his deposition released last month, Cook told investigators Alex Murdaugh advised him not to tell law enforcement who was driving the boat that night.

When asked why he never admitted who was driving, Cook replied, “because of who they are.”

McCulloch is now holding off on filing that civil lawsuit over “vital information” expected in a separate suit to be filed by Satterfield’s family. Attorney Eric Bland, representing the family of the housekeeper, says the information will be pertinent to Cook’s case.

Bland claims the Murdaughs made a $4 million settlement with the Satterfield family and they have not gotten paid.

Both lawsuits are expected to be filed early next week.

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